Thelese loves to engage people in thought-provoking conversations.  As a Transformational Speaker, Thelese takes adult learning on another level by helping you reach the best version of yourself.   The audience will leave each interaction with inspired, educated and ready to “Live their Destiny on Purpose.”

  1. Living Your Life Backwards: Timeline Strategies for Effective Goal Settings

-Using the 5 P’s, Patient, Passion, and Power to Design your personal, professional and business goals and improve your overall success.

  1. Don’t Bring Your EX to Bed in Your New Relationship

-Do you find your past or present challenges prevent your professional and personal relationships from thriving? Bringing EX issues in a new thriving interaction will stunt your growth.  Wendy teaches strategies to stop the madness.

  1. Mental Health: The Mask of Depression for Black and Latino Women and Girls

-Women of color have been exercised to believe that strength is a sign of independence, and asking for help is a sign of weakness.   “It is ok to not be ok, so you can be OKAY.”  I break down 7 strategies to live a life of abundance through support.


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3-ways Thelese will coach you

Goal Strategy Call-60 minutes

Congratulations on taking the steps in developing strategies for your dreams and goals.  Consulting with a professional and constructing your ideas are crucial steps towards success.  After you complete the Goal Strategy Questionnaire and scheduling the 60-minute call to build your 6-week sessions.


1:1 Coaching with Thelese


The Success Formula, Decision + Preparation + Planning + Action = Success, will be taught Wendy Thelese Talley, America’s #1 Goal Strategist Expert.   The process is serious, intense, designed for you to be INTENTIONAL and NON-NEGOTIABLE about your dreams.  Come ready to work!

Business Training

Thelese will work with your management, clinical and case management team to improve community risk management, professional development of your clinical team and consulting with management regarding mental health policies and procedures. 


Here is how Thelese will work with you….


1)    Community Safety for mental health Professionals

2)    Ethical and Legal duties for mental health professionals

3)    Cultural Competency to improve diversity in the workplace

4)    Sexual Harassment in the workplace

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