Before the Ring

  • Understanding your 5 Love Languages
  • Getting to know your mate on a deeper level
  • Discovering Your mates 5 pep-pives  5 undesirable habits
  • Family History discussion
  • Deal Breakers and Deal Makers
  • Eliminating Unrealistic Expectations
  • “Show me the Money” The Money Talk
  • “Who should I keep around?” Single Friends or New Married Friends (2 sessions)
  • Intimacy Barriers
  • (valued $997) Only $697 if paid in one full payment

After the Ring

After a couple get married at some point during the marriage problems arise and a resolution is not is site.  By working with an expert  you will find that structured discussion will help clarify confusion and eliminate the chaos. Below you will discuss the following in 10 weeks.
  • Discovering your 5 languages of love
  • Remembering why you fell in love
  • ” Can We Talk?” Improving Communication Skills (2 sessions)
  • Re-evaluating expectations?
  • Eliminating Baggage from friends, ex-lovers, family, job, etc
  • Mission and Vision Statement for your Marriage
  • Past Hurts will affect the Bedroom- Healing so you can love again (3 sessions)
  • (valued $1297) Only $997 if paid in one full payment





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